Where to Find Gluten-Free Wedding Cakes in San Francisco

If you are gluten-free, you know how disappointing it is when you’re at a party where there’s nothing you can eat. It’s even worse at a wedding… because, no cake? No thanks! The wedding cake is the sweetest part of any wedding (please excuse the pun) and there’s a reason it gets the spotlight up until the moment it’s eaten. Most are true works of art, plus everyone loves watching the new couple cut the first slice of cake…then waiting to see whether the newlyweds will be naughty or nice when they feed the first few bites to each other.

If you are searching for an outstanding wedding cake that’s also gluten-free, then you’re in luck. Here is a list of the best gluten-free wedding cakes in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Cake Coquette. Oh, be still my cake-enthralled heart. These are some of the most beautiful cakes–gluten-free or otherwise–that I’ve ever seen. Go check the website immediately if you don’t believe me… Located in the Bernal Heights district, this custom wedding cake and specialty cake design company was started by San Francisco native Gabrielle Feuersinger in 2007.

Flour Chlyde Bakery. Whether you opt for the Rustic Vanilla, Red Velvet or Pumpkin, you’ll love the frosting. All flavors are available as cupcakes, too. (Marin.)

Zest Bakery. For those of you in the Peninsula…don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about you. Zest loves creating custom-order wedding cakes for your big day. Their website is a bit sparse on photos, so be sure to check out their Facebook gallery here. (South Bay.)

Kara’s Cupcakes. A fun alternative to the traditional multi-tiered wedding cake, cupcakes are fun to eat, and can be served in variety of flavors (think chocolate velvet, vanilla coconut, flourless chocolate) to cater to all tastes. No cutting or mess involved, either. (East Bay and San Francisco.)

Flour Craft Bakery. Enjoy a bowl of granola before placing your custom wedding cake order at this Marin favorite, the first and largest gluten free bakery in the area, and one of San Anselmo’s more charming spots to relax. (Marin.)

Whether you’re drawn to simple and classic, cute and bite-sized, or incredible works of art, there are plentiful gluten-free wedding cake options in the San Francisco Bay Area. Eat, be merry, and enjoy!

couple shares wedding cake at sunset
couple shares wedding cake at sunset